looking through old blog posts

Dear Old-Me,

Recently looking through my archive of old blog posts I’ve come to the realization that you couldn’t phrase a persuasive argument for shit. Your opinions are in-your-face, emotional and incoherent. Your book reviews are a pain to read. Why were you allowed to start a blog? About BOOKS. Why?

                                                                  Hate, Now-Me

No, seriously. I went through tons of old articles and posts I’d written, not just in wordpress but in my old blogspot site (who uses blogspot any more btw?) and my old diaries full of ideas for stories, dialogues and entries where I discussed the deep pathos of my short life.

It’s not that I’ve changed as a person so much but that now when I read review posts and articles that have been up for public consumption for a couple of years I wonder at my insensitivity to other people’s perspectives, the brash way I’ve phrased an opinion as if there was no way I could be wrong. From my teen years I’ve thought I was broad minded, non-judgemental and willing to listen to the other side. But my writings don’t show that.

I’m telling myself that they sound like that NOW because I’ve evolved into an even more sensitive and understanding person but the truth may very well be that I was kind of a jerk in the past. At least some times.


vampire house #3

Two tall, robe clad figures stood beside the examination table where the dead girl lay.

One was a man with disproportionately broad shoulders and a narrow chin, and the other was an elegant woman with a pleasant face and long fingers that always hovered close to her darkly painted lips.

Edison paused at the doorway to listen to them.

“…findings which would make this improbable to say the least,” muttered the man, his brows furrowed. (more…)

vampire house #2

Edison waited impatiently as the minute hand of the wall clock declared only half an hour had passed since he made the call. He weighed his options in his mind and tried to come up with a back up plan that didn’t depend so heavily on Jeremy Hayde’s whimsy. He was unpredictable, as Edison knew only too well, and he could refuse to play along.

“Mr Gage,” said one of the technicians, walking up to him with a phone in her hand. “The Director wants to speak to you.” (more…)

vampire house #1

Vampire House

Every monster knows that it is a monster to its prey, and all prey know that they are food for the monsters. There is little room for conscience or hesitation at the moment of the fatal blow.

And yet Emma found herself frozen in a few never ending seconds of doubt and guilt, as her clawed fingers raced down towards the girl’s throat.

Her victim’s eyes widened. Disbelief and fear washed over them.

Emma’s own looked back, wild with indecision and inevitability.

Then the razor sharpness of those inhuman fingers flashed against the soft flesh of the girl’s jugular and Emma’s vision was painted in red.


The phone rang, loud and jarring in the quiet of the plush office. (more…)

nanowrimo, first time

NaNoWriMo is pretty consuming. I thought it was a month of getting a lot of people to write stories and sharing them with like minded individuals and getting support and giving support. Turns out it’s a month of updating your number of words logged per day and anxiously checking your word count and resisting the urge to go back and change everything about the story because the rule to winning this thing – never go back, keep those word counts rising!

Anyway, I’m four days in and have just 2106 words to show for it. I had to go back and edit some things because I just couldn’t go on without fixing a major plot change. However that’s the limit. I’m not rewriting the chapter even though – having it on the screen now – I can see a much better way of laying out my characters’ backgrounds. I’ll just pretend that I have done it.

This post is a hello to all other nanowrimo strugglers who’ve joined up for the first time not knowing what a competitive (addictive) thing it is and a good luck to all, I hope you guys reach your personal word count goals if not the WriMo’s.

This is me. http://www.nanowrimo.org/en/participants/strange_ambitions Come, say hello and tell me about your nanowrimo woes and wins.

because historical romances are *always* so very realistic

Let’s face it, most all these historical romances are utterly and completely ridiculous:

Husbands coming back from the dead; long-lost heirs and heiresses; forged wills; bad-but-actually-good pirates and crime lords; kidnapped children and heroines; murdering psychopaths always on the loose (apparently England has a disproportionate number of crazies); frequent cases of amnesia and/or mistaken identity; an unbelievable lack of the ability to communicate or c lear up Big Misunderstandings (they desperately need to learn the “when you did ____, it made me feel ____” statement); thousands of hero-material noblemen running around England and almost every single one of them drop-dead-gorgeous, in their late 20s / early 30s, single, and of course just waiting for that one special woman who will completely transform their lives and their hearts when they fall in love with her; heroines we (almost always) love and can relate to, who just happen to often be wallflowers, plain janes, poor relations, unusual or odd, bluestockings, bullied by some dastardly person(s), running from some dastardly secret(s), etc.; man whores (a.k.a rakes and rogues) who for some reason all become perfect and 100%-faithful husbands once they meet said heroines; widows who in dramatically large numbers are still virgins so that when the love of their life comes along he can luckily be the first (and only) one she does the mattress dance with; romances between g overnesses / companions / maids / street urchins / secretaries and the lord of the house; good characters whom we’re rooting for always managing to stay alive while the bad ones we hate always die or are in some way dramatically publicly humiliated and ostracized; oh, and of course, the most unlikely thing of all: **always**, without fail, a HEA ending.

Yeah … sorry, what part of any of that sounded remotely realistic? None! … Which is why we read them :-).


The above rant (which I adored and am in complete agreement with) was part of a review published by Juliana (julianaphilippa) of goodreads that can be found and read here.

Reforming Lord Ragsdale (A happy review)

Reforming Lord RagsdaleReforming Lord Ragsdale by Carla Kelly

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Stars: 4.5/5

What are you looking for? Bodice Rippers ala Julia Quinn and Eloise James? I appreciate that they are splendid authors but this book is not exactly like theirs. It wont fulfil your craving for light, hot and sexy. You might still enjoy this book though there is no sex, very little kissing and no secret trysts or scandals to speak of.

But are you craving the lost Heyer touch? (more…)