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side project: drama recaps

How would my readers (all three of them) feel about me covering a few of my favourite TV shows through episode recaps?

I recalled that I had initially started this blog not just for books but for my love of stories. (Thus the title: Golpo). So this is not outside the scope of this blog.

Anyway, I was watching Flower Boy Next Door,  a pretty cool korean romantic comedy and by my friend, K’s advice I started reading episode recaps from the site dramabeans. The bloggers, javabeans and girlfriday, give us pretty thorough and hilarious recaps that solidify the best moments of the episodes and make us think of many of the more subtle threads running through the story that we might have missed while watching.

I love those recaps and now that I know such things exist I have been looking everywhere for a dedicated recap blog for the american Tv shows I love. Sadly, the few I found either don’t recap episodes regularly or just don’t cover the shows I want to read about.

So as a small side project I’m going to start recapping the dramas that I like. One of the best things about running a blog very few people read is that I have complete freedom in choosing widely dissimilar subjects to blog about (so long as it has a story to tell). =D


Sherlock. Am I the only one who burns up for him?

Virtuoso by alicexz. Do visit her gallery for more breathtaking images like this one. For anyone who is interested this is the link to her livestream video in which she creates her rendition of Sherlock.

Her inspiration was the screencap below. Gods above, isn’t he just…perfect?