#8 A Match Made in Heaven (graphic novel): A review!

#08 a Match Made in Heaven#08 a Match Made in Heaven by Trina Robbins

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Girl is a teenage graphic novel artist.
Girl is an outcast in a posh school.
Girl has a best friend.
Girl meets angel pretending to be human.
Girl’s best friend seems of particular interest to angel.
Girl kisses angel.
Girl meets less angelic new girl, cousin to angel hero.
Girl has a very bad day, mean new girl watches in glee.
Girl needs rescue, angel provides.
Girl figures out the truth.
Girl learns that angel came down to earth to help her best friend, but got distracted by her. =D
Girl’s best friend comes to her when things go wrong for her family.
Girl turns to angel, but angel tells girl she can help more than he can.
Girl accepts this and does something brave.
Girl saves the day.
Girl’s angel boyfriend gets a call from powers that be to come back home due to his mucking up.
Girl sad and resigned but with new material for another graphic novel…about an angel.

Cute. I need to go back and read the previous seven issues. The Gabriel/Lucifer arc is pretty canonical, no surprises there, but I liked the heroine, Morning Glory and her love for all things graphic novel. That love can even trump her crush on an angel, and that’s rad. =D

Disclaimer: Netgalley Arc. Short, honest review in exchange for cool free graphic novel.

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The Bro-Magnet (a netgalley review)

The Bro-Magnet The Bro-Magnet by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was going to write a nice long review for this one but then I read one that pretty much said it all.—> Fiction Vixen

So here I’ll explain why I gave it four stars despite my great love for Johnny Smith. There were three reasons (and two of them contain mild spoilers):

The first: Till about half the book we had been regularly told that Johnny had a keen interest in law and after he helped out one of his lawyer clients with a case, Helen (who’s a DA) declined to go out with him because he’d apparently helped a criminal go free.
Helen took exception to his fondness for finding ‘loopholes’. When Johnny got his chance with the girl he vehemently denied this just as he vehemently denied ever being interested in sports, or beer.
In the end when he realized that he and Helen were not so different after all (and that his drastic changes were not all necessary) the one thing that is never resolved is whether Helen finds out about Johnny helping out that other lawyer and how strongly she feels about it.

Two: The climax came at the very end and too few pages were given to its resolution. It was too abrupt.

Three: We never found out why Helen said no to him the second time he asked her out and what made her change her mind.

And that’s it. I loved Johnny, his voice, his memories of his childhood, his friends and family, his opinions, his earnestness, his honesty and his humour. This is a really funny book, where the punch lines jump out at you and make your belly ache.

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Review: Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

 Seraphina by Rachel Hartman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 really, but there’s always room for a change of heart. =)
I genuinely liked this book. I cared for Seraphina and I admired her actions throughout. I agree with another reviewer here who said that her descriptions of music was something otherworldly. As if she was describing the purest emotions. But while music is ever present in Seraphina’s life, the parts that really moved me were when she interacted with the other characters. So removed, so careful. Always alert and always distant, with a perpetual guard around her heart because even if she loved them if they knew her truth they could only ever feel disgusted towards her. To live amidst such scorn – perhaps directed at others – but oh how easy to imagine herself the receiver of those taunts, how dreadfully easy to imagine all that contempt directed at herself.
Seraphina was very alone and the only people who knew her secret either wouldn’t or couldn’t make her loneliness go away.
The book is amusing, saddening, anger arousing and triumphant. There was something wonderfully fitting about the end because we knew it wasn’t the end – that she had truly gained not lost, and that she wasn’t alone any more.

DISCLAIMER: reviewed ARC from netgalley

How awful to now have to wait months just to see this book in print and maybe another year and a half before they bring out its sequel. Darn the glacial publishing process!

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