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Green Rider – a sub plot called Romance

So on the recommendation of a good friend I started this new series. There are four published books and since the first one came out in 1998 I was reasonably sure that it was a completed series.

Ahahahaha! Ha.

Halfway into Green Rider by Kristen Britain (the first book in the series) I thought to look up the author’s blog. Turns out the fourth book which came out in 2011 ends on a cliffhanger (thank you goodreads reviewers, really) and the author still doesn’t know how many books this series has left in it!! Gah!

As if I didn’t already have Megan Whalen Turner to alternately curse and adore. As if the rest of the world didn’t have G.R.R. Martin! (more…)


Attolia and Eugenides

To See Cruelty in Her Face

Gen & Irene (QoA) - adobed

Characters: Eugenides and Attolia
Book: Queen of Attolia
Series: The Queen’s Thief
Author: Megan Whalen Turner
Page: 22

She dressed as always in imitation of Hephestia, but it was far easier to imagine the impersonal cruelty of the Great Goddess than to see cruelty in the face of the queen of Attolia. Looking at her, Eugenides smiled.

Attolia saw his smile, without any hint of self-effacement or flattery or opportunism, a smile wholly unlike that of any member of her court, and she hit him across the face with her open hand.

Thief! (a short illustrated prequel to ‘The Thief’ by Megan Whalen Turner) [Free Read]

Megan Whalen Turner, the author of the acclaimed Queen’s Thief series, wrote a short prequel Thief! for the Disney Adventures Magazine in 2000. The first book in this series was first published in 1996 and then re-released in 2005 by Eos. This short story came out between the second and third book in the series.

M.W. Turner’s fans are ardent and near-stalkerish (join the club here) but they are also suffering from a long draught between Turner’s last release and the well-anticipated fifth book. So this particular prequel is especially valuable to us, because it gives a tiny glimpse into Gen’s childhood and reconnects us with our favourite boy thief.

About this short story.

Thief! (The Queen's Thief, #0.5)Thief! by Megan Whalen Turner

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Megan Whalen Turner made this short story available online for us to read. Go (more…)

Compulsory Reading for Aspiring Authors of Epic Fantasy!!

I have been working on an idea for almost half a year now. It started with a single character and now she has grown to have a host of companions, almost everyone of whom has a back story and a destiny to fulfil. They have complex relationships amongst them and these relationships change as time passes and loyalties shift.

So far so good. I seem to be treading the frustrating, hair-tearing path of many successful authors before me. I might even see a book out of it some day.

But somewhere deep inside me is this utter conviction that no matter how well the story turns, no matter that I untangle all the annoying discrepancies and conflicts and no matter that I finally do think up a climax awesome enough to justify all the build up – this story will never ever be what I’m attempting to make it. Epic.

Maybe I don’t have the smarts for it. I suspect though that I simply don’t have the experience. This story might work out, might not, but with my current level of knowledge and understanding of the world it’ll never resonate with the hearts and minds of readers a thousand miles away from me. I need it to resonate. I need it to raise goosebumps.

And for that I need to write books like these —

The Lumatere Chronicles by Melina Marchetta


The Kingkiller Chronicles (Day One and Two) by Patrick Rothfuss


The Queen’s Thief series by Megan Whalen Turner


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These books are what Epic is all about. Everyone of them clever, though even clever has a hard time catching up with Megan Turner’s Queen’s Thief, and everyone of them staying with you for not just days but years. These stories make an impression, leave you with the feeling that the author sees the world a little clearer than we do and that gosh! aren’t they just brilliant? Yes they are. And damn I wish I was too.