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Kate and Curran Fanart

In Magic Strikes, there was a scene in Chapter 27 where Kate and Curran had an argument after a fight in an underground gladiatorial ring. Curran had silver embedded all over his chest and as we know, silver is poisonous … Continue reading

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Ilona Andrews gives her take on narrative ‘voices’

I wrote to Ilona Andrews for advice on my writing, and the authors graciously answered me on their blog. My question was the following: “I know the best advice given to new/young writers is read, read, read and write, write, … Continue reading

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From Bayou Moon – (a well-written funny)

He’d spent the night in the boat. Next to the spaghetti queen. William glanced at the hobo girl. She sat across from him, huddled in a clump. Her stench had gotten worse overnight, probably from the dampness. Another night like … Continue reading

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Silver Shark by Ilona Andrews (a review)

    Silver Shark by Ilona Andrews My rating: 5 of 5 stars 4.85/5 (one must be very clear about these things) =D I’ll begin by the worst fault of the book – the absolutely heinous, most maddening, unpardonable of all      its … Continue reading

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Short story (by Ilona Andrews)

[This story is now available in ebook format – grab it guys.] Days of Swine and Roses Alena took a deep breath. “I’m not going on a date with Chad Thurman.” A deafening silence descended on the dining room. Mother’s … Continue reading

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