a funny story (fable)

On the first day of my first year class, a professor told us this joke:

Many years ago, a man who sold hats, walked from one village to another through a forest.

Tired, he rested under a large, shady tree. He did not notice the suddenly excited chattering above him and quickly fell asleep.

His hats lay beside him.

When the man woke up, he yawned and then turned to find that all his hats had vanished!

This time hearing the racket up in the tree, he looked up to see a tribe of monkeys – everyone of whom, wore his hats.
Worried out of his wits- for the hats were his livelihood- he wondered what to do. Finally, he remembered that he was still wearing on of his hats on his head. He looked up again at the monkeys and recalled what he knew of their habits.

Then he tore the hat off his head and threw it on the ground.

The monkeys, seeming much fascinated by this, pulled off the hats from their own heads and threw them on the ground as well!

The man, then, quickly picked them up and went hurrying out of the forest.

Now, in the present day, another hat-seller passing through the same forest, sat under the same tree and leaving his hats in a pile by his side, fell soundly asleep.

When he awoke, he found that his hats had disappeared. He looked up to the branches and saw a tribe of hat-wearing monkeys laughing at him.

Now, remembering that his grand-father had got into the same predicament many years ago, he pulled off his hat from his head and threw it on the ground.

A monkey climbed down the tree, picked up his hat and ran up to his friends again.

As the man gaped, bemusedly, up at them, the monkey laughed and said, ‘human, do you think you’re the only one who had a grandfather?’


A romance novel cliche I heartily dislike!

Hero is a police officer/sheriff/special ops guy/ex-marine/army veteran and heroine is a store owner/doctor/accountant/artist/unspoilt heiress.

Together they find the hideout of a Villain!

Hero tells heroine: stay in the car/stay in the house/stay behind the trash bin/just stay the hell back while I go deal with the bad guy since I have experience doing this.

Heroine tells hero: I will not!/make me!/how dare you leave me behind!

Hero: (very reasonably) It’s for your own safety/don’t want you distracting me/you can’t fight/they can take you hostage you silly idiot!

Heroine: (grumble, grumble) Fine.

Hero leaves, then heroine: Aha! Fool, you thought to leave me behind!/You don’t think I can help you? I’m a Modern Woman! I’ll show you!

Heroine follows hero, Villain seizes heroine just as hero has upper hand, hero ends up getting shot, stabbed or seriously beaten up, heroine cries and curses; then after hero has suffered much, heroine suddenly thinks of a way to distract Villain and his evil minions, hero gets upper hand again and then finally has to fight through dozens of villains to resue heroine…

All this when he could have just walked out unscathed hours ago!