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Kate and Curran Fanart

In Magic Strikes, there was a scene in Chapter 27 where Kate and Curran had an argument after a fight in an underground gladiatorial ring. Curran had silver embedded all over his chest and as we know, silver is poisonous … Continue reading

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Eugenides fanart and The Queen’s Thief series

And so I was delayed in posting this. Can you wonder? I’d never sketched an adolescent boy before. But now, meet GEN! A thief, a young convict, boastful but keen eyed, petulant yet remarkably reserved, elusive and mocking but dangerous when … Continue reading

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Sherlock. Am I the only one who burns up for him?

Virtuoso by alicexz. Do visit her gallery for more breathtaking images like this one. For anyone who is interested this is the link to her livestream video in which she creates her rendition of Sherlock. Her inspiration was the screencap below. Gods … Continue reading

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