The great Duke of ChaseMeChaseMe!

Because I’m feeling too lazy to write about books, here’s Dook to make you feel better…

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My new furry baby

So, a week and a half ago I got a pet. He’s a 2-month-old Labrador and when he’s not nipping at my heels with his needle sharp teeth, he’s the sweetest baby ever.


During the first days, he was very sleepy and seemed to prefer the company of my slippers over me. =)


Duke (that’s his name) with my friend.


With me. ❤ =D


With my Da.


Hello, there.

Dog on the platform (a random sketch)

Dog on the platform by ~artemis-wilde on deviantART

I was sitting on the main platform of Dehradun‘s tiny station, waiting for my late evening train. It was cold and I was clutching my fourth cup of coffee trying to suck some of the heat into my hands. This guy had been wandering inquisitively all over the station, getting chased by old garbage ladies and kicked at by little boys with indifferent mothers all afternoon. As the sun set he finally came sniffing under my bench and decided to lie down before my feet.
I was writing in my notebook about the trek we’d just concluded. I couldn’t resist adding him to my story.