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The waiting books in my Kindle

I recently made a semi-serious promise to myself that I will read nothing but non-fiction for the next one month.

Semi-serious only because I didn’t believe I was actually going to do it.

Do you know how addicts crave their drugs till they can think of almost nothing else? Reading popular fiction has become a similar sort of addiction for me.

I can seriously think of nothing else when the craving for one of those books start. My cravings are genre-specific too. Sometimes I need a Regency romance a la G. Heyer; sometimes it’s YA, particularly of the high school romance variety; often I really need to read an action packed Urban Fantasy [think: Dresden Files, Kate Daniels] – (never paranormal romance, thank you, I’ve learnt my lesson – there are no high standards in that world); and then there is the odd craving for the quirky contemporary romances and mysteries; also sometimes I notice a really awesome looking cover – most probably in High Fantasy – and run towards it heedlessly. (more…)


4 Best YA Romances of the Year!

In the last five weeks I’ve read at least a half dozen YA romances that have all impressed me to some degree and for varying reasons.

Let’s start with Epic Fail by Claire LaZebnik

  I liked this rendition of Pride and Prejudice, mostly because it did not read like a rendition of the old classic. Certain voices were familiar. Elizabeth in Elise was certainly very apparent. But while the premise remained loosely the same – the twists followed faithfully – the situations, dialogues, emotions and setting were too different for me to keep recalling that I’m reading a modern-day re-write of Pride and Prejudice for young adults.

For one thing – and this is very important to me – no one can bring back Darcy.

While Elizabeth may transcend times, Fitzwilliam Darcy was himself because of that period, because of the accepted way of thinking and perceiving the world back then, and also for the social barriers that – while they still may exist and be successful obstacles to young love – today no longer sound the dreadful and ominous gongs of doom that the protagonists of Georgian literature needed such courage and/or wealth to ignore or overcome. (more…)