#8 A Match Made in Heaven (graphic novel): A review!

#08 a Match Made in Heaven#08 a Match Made in Heaven by Trina Robbins

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Girl is a teenage graphic novel artist.
Girl is an outcast in a posh school.
Girl has a best friend.
Girl meets angel pretending to be human.
Girl’s best friend seems of particular interest to angel.
Girl kisses angel.
Girl meets less angelic new girl, cousin to angel hero.
Girl has a very bad day, mean new girl watches in glee.
Girl needs rescue, angel provides.
Girl figures out the truth.
Girl learns that angel came down to earth to help her best friend, but got distracted by her. =D
Girl’s best friend comes to her when things go wrong for her family.
Girl turns to angel, but angel tells girl she can help more than he can.
Girl accepts this and does something brave.
Girl saves the day.
Girl’s angel boyfriend gets a call from powers that be to come back home due to his mucking up.
Girl sad and resigned but with new material for another graphic novel…about an angel.

Cute. I need to go back and read the previous seven issues. The Gabriel/Lucifer arc is pretty canonical, no surprises there, but I liked the heroine, Morning Glory and her love for all things graphic novel. That love can even trump her crush on an angel, and that’s rad. =D

Disclaimer: Netgalley Arc. Short, honest review in exchange for cool free graphic novel.

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Forever Mine – Prequel [Sarah and Sydney] (by Elizabeth Reyes)

Below is a short, well-written glimpse into Sarah’s early years with her best friend, Sydney, in Flagstaff AZ. Author Elizabeth Reyes posted it on her blog (link) for us to enjoy. If you’ve never read her works I suggest you begin with the first of the Moreno Brothers series – Forever Mine – (It’s on my list of the best YA romance of this year).

 “This was an alternate beginning to FM. It sort of reads like the beginning of Sofie skipping years to show the bond between Syd and Sarah. How they met, became close etc. However in the end I decided the REAL story of Forever Mine didn’t really start until she gets the call from her mother. So this was left on the cutting room floor. (more…)