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Review: Archangel by Sharon Shinn (Samaria series #1)


Archangel by Sharon Shinn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is the first of a series of books set in the same world. Each one has a standalone romance, yet the larger arc, spanning the series, is more of a quest that takes centuries and many heroes to complete. The setting is intriguing, and I’m already hooked.

A distant planet that had been colonised five hundred years ago by a group of men and women, who claim that their God, Jovah, saved them from their own violent world and brought them to Samaria to start anew. Centuries later, Jovah still keeps careful account of how they live their lives, and guids and punishes them to keep the harmonic balance of their world intact. And it’s this close, divine supervision that keeps the many tribes, classes, and races populating Samaria from plunging into war and violence as their ancestors in a far away planet had. (more…)


More frequent posts?

Hopefully, yes. I read a lot of books and think up reviews and criticisms in my head, but most never get posted here. Just in goodreads where a rushed job doesn’t hurt my blogger pride.

But recently I’ve been getting a lot of books (okay, three) from authors and agents to review. One actually arrived yesterday addressed to my goodreads username Honour and I swear I was about to send it over to the next street where a judge lives before remembering that it could very well be me.

I know it’s unsolicited book sending and I should have higher standards as a book reviewer but meh…free books!!

And since my parents taught me never to take freebies, the least I can do is write up a few honest reviews eh?

We’ll see.

My new furry baby

So, a week and a half ago I got a pet. He’s a 2-month-old Labrador and when he’s not nipping at my heels with his needle sharp teeth, he’s the sweetest baby ever.


During the first days, he was very sleepy and seemed to prefer the company of my slippers over me. =)


Duke (that’s his name) with my friend.


With me. ❤ =D


With my Da.


Hello, there.

Why books are bad for you

When I was 12 I used to use them to escape from friendless classrooms and if I didn’t have one in my hand, I would stare out of the window with fierce concentration thinking of all the stories stored in my head and the many imaginary lives I lived through them. If the background chatter ever drew my attention, I didn’t let it on. I think most of my classmates (if they ever thought to look my way) usually saw me sleeping with my head down on my desk or staring out of the window. Books were a better alternative. They made me seem less lonely; they made me less lonely.

Today those books still shield me from life. They wrap me in protective folds that keep the world away from me and me away from the world. They are the gatekeepers to my dreams, who are fiercely determined to keep reality away. I am untested and don’t know the strength of my own will, because I have never pitted it against anything not inside the pages of a good story. My hopes and aspirations have birthed and grown in the soft, edgeless world of no competition, no obstacles. Today I don’t know if I am worth as much as I think I am.

I have run back into their arms so many times. I have turned away from life so many times. If I give them up, I give up my best friends. If I put them away, I put away a part of me that was born so many years ago in that classroom, at that desk by the window.

I’m afraid too much of me is formed by the insubstantial constructs of other people’s imagination. I’m afraid if I step away from them, the pillars holding my character firm atop a foundation of lessons learned through fictional rigours would crumble. I would stand unprepared and weak before a world that cannot be closed and put back on the shelf when I see no happy ending in sight.

side project: drama recaps

How would my readers (all three of them) feel about me covering a few of my favourite TV shows through episode recaps?

I recalled that I had initially started this blog not just for books but for my love of stories. (Thus the title: Golpo). So this is not outside the scope of this blog.

Anyway, I was watching Flower Boy Next Door,  a pretty cool korean romantic comedy and by my friend, K’s advice I started reading episode recaps from the site dramabeans. The bloggers, javabeans and girlfriday, give us pretty thorough and hilarious recaps that solidify the best moments of the episodes and make us think of many of the more subtle threads running through the story that we might have missed while watching.

I love those recaps and now that I know such things exist I have been looking everywhere for a dedicated recap blog for the american Tv shows I love. Sadly, the few I found either don’t recap episodes regularly or just don’t cover the shows I want to read about.

So as a small side project I’m going to start recapping the dramas that I like. One of the best things about running a blog very few people read is that I have complete freedom in choosing widely dissimilar subjects to blog about (so long as it has a story to tell). =D