The Stories in My Head

A few Short Stories and several of my better thought out Works-In-Progress. All heading towards that distant final goal of a full length book. Hee-Hee-Hoo-Ha. Also – poetry!
(WARNING: Most posts here are password protected. Those are meant for people I know personally and trust absolutely. All hail author-paranonia!)

The After Kiss

It was five minutes till midnight hour and my phone alarm went off. I straightened against the side of the building and fumbled to get it out of my jeans to shut off the insistent buzzing. My gloved fingers made this more difficult than usual, but I couldn’t take them off in this cold.

Charm smiled down at me and said, “Is it time for you to go home? At the stroke of midnight like a modern day Cinderella?

I laughed awkwardly, the warmth I’d found in his arms slowly fading as my mind circled through the consequences of delaying any longer.

“I do have to go,” I told him, still smiling. “My dad isn’t that strict but I have a curfew.”

“Alright,” he said, pulling me closer, he words a warm puff on my cold forehead. “I’ll drop you home. Leave your car here. I’ll pick you up in the morning for classes.” One hand circled my waist while the other pressed into the middle of my back. He held me like he didn’t want to let go. (more…)


vampire house #3

Two tall, robe clad figures stood beside the examination table where the dead girl lay.

One was a man with disproportionately broad shoulders and a narrow chin, and the other was an elegant woman with a pleasant face and long fingers that always hovered close to her darkly painted lips.

Edison paused at the doorway to listen to them.

“…findings which would make this improbable to say the least,” muttered the man, his brows furrowed. (more…)

vampire house #2

Edison waited impatiently as the minute hand of the wall clock declared only half an hour had passed since he made the call. He weighed his options in his mind and tried to come up with a back up plan that didn’t depend so heavily on Jeremy Hayde’s whimsy. He was unpredictable, as Edison knew only too well, and he could refuse to play along.

“Mr Gage,” said one of the technicians, walking up to him with a phone in her hand. “The Director wants to speak to you.” (more…)

vampire house #1

Vampire House

Every monster knows that it is a monster to its prey, and all prey know that they are food for the monsters. There is little room for conscience or hesitation at the moment of the fatal blow.

And yet Emma found herself frozen in a few never ending seconds of doubt and guilt, as her clawed fingers raced down towards the girl’s throat.

Her victim’s eyes widened. Disbelief and fear washed over them.

Emma’s own looked back, wild with indecision and inevitability.

Then the razor sharpness of those inhuman fingers flashed against the soft flesh of the girl’s jugular and Emma’s vision was painted in red.


The phone rang, loud and jarring in the quiet of the plush office. (more…)

Original short fiction – The Story of Khirm

I recently edited (with considerable help from friends) my short fantasy fiction about a kingdom choosing its first monarch. I hope you like it!~~

This is how it all began. When first the need for a king arose, they called the bravest and the cleverest of the land to a war of wit and strength to win the crown. We know that in the end Khirm ascended the throne, but which of these courageous men was he?

Ode to lesser joys

To that cheerful mutt who never fails to retrieve promptly
And yet it grips still, and oh so firmly, when asked to let go

To that gloriously relieving sneeze that comes finally after
Countless feverish breaths are held only for fizzled attempts

To scurry to the nearest shelter and watch, while the sky pours away
Or to perhaps not, and brave the many drops for a moment or more

When you take a step into that pristine bit of the woods
Where you turn around and look to find, more of the woods again

When that very last word of a lengthy good book has been read
And while you have ended with relief, you quickly wish for another

Waiting and more waiting, and less waiting when you know its almost there
And the loud ringing saves you, when the final bell has been struck in time

And the sight of misty mountains which not for once, ceases to bewilder
To the many hued sky dwindling, for the twinkling night will soon follow

———————————————————————-  *

This is the work of a friend and a fellow LOTR buff, Krithik. You can find more of his stuff  at his blog Nevermore

‘Rainy’ – a tentative Chapter One


Ted Wilder walked down the corridor of his high school, taking in all the changes that had been made in the last ten years. The building was nearly empty now, a few stragglers remained near the lockers lining the walls. Some walked by him, talking and laughing, not really paying any attention to him.
A part of him was relieved. He had craved attention once. Been obsessed with it.
But the last two years had helped rid him of his fondness for the spotlight.
Almost. He had to admit he was a little offended at not being recognized. Then again, he’d met the team he was going to coach yesterday and they had certainly known who he was.
He exhaled in a huff and laughed softly to himself. Arrogant bastard.
The principal’s office was around the corner and he sped up knowing that he was late for his appointment.
He knocked on the door and waited for Principal Rain to ask him to come in. A few minutes ticked by. He tried the knob and found the door open.
He entered to find an empty office. He looked around for the new principal. The office looked exactly as it had ten years ago- small and crowded. Filing cabinets and trophy showcases lined the walls. The large desk was piled with papers, though arranged in neat rows. He looked over the tower of papers, wondering if the new Principal might be small enough to hide behind them. Nope, the chair was empty.
Ted whirled around (more…)