Here lie my writerly deeds.

‘Golpo’ is Bengali for stories, a warm, colloquial term that inhabits every child’s mind until she learns that Literature or ‘Shahityo’ is more respectable.

The Test

There was little left of Time
His death a gruesome sight,
His body butchered in a secret hour
In the waking of the night;
There was little left of Thought
Throttled with cool, sure hands,
No more he breathes in the crushing dark
He’s fled these living lands;
There was nothing left of Hope
Her destruction absolute,
Her tortured screams went long unheard
Her silence now acute;
A girl of ghastly deeds remains
A miserable creature is she;
That awful guilt now presses down
As she stares at question No. 3
(c) Paroma Chakravarty 2017