About this blog – the old version!


             n. (origin: bengali) – fables, tales, anecdotes, fiction, allegory, saga, fantasy…

In my mother tongue that one word encompasses every realm of make-believe our minds can conjure and was one of the very first words I learnt to say as a child.

(This prowling tiger drawn in this particular way reminds me of the many tiger-hunting stories my granddad used to tell me as I huddled up beside him in the bed at night. And then there were those ghost stories. brrr.)

I write stories because I have to – because nobody else will write the stories I have in my head for me. They can’t, they wont – I’ve read many, many books just to be sure that someone hasn’t already written what I’m looking for, that they haven’t already woven the plots that dance before my eyes and imagined words that the miniature people inside my skull say to each other. Well, they haven’t (or I haven’t found them yet). So, I write.

I began this blog as a depository for chunks of my work that I really like and want to share with someone other than my weary (and wary) younger cousin, whose sole criticism of my writings usually consists of odd grunts as she squints at the pages.

But after letting the cropped sections of several stories lie here for some months it suddenly occurred to me that I had no copyrights, no copy-prevention software, and no way to detect if my stories were being plagiarized. And so I password protected most of them and hoped like hell I haven’t given some other budding novelist that ‘one great idea’ they were waiting for.

If I sound pompous and paranoid to you, then you may as well understand right now that that is just how I roll. So there.

And now I’m left with a typical wordpress blog that expects me to post regularly if I want to keep it alive. Well, I do, but this was never meant to be a book review blog and that’s not why I started it in the first place, dammit. Unfortunately, books are all I know.

Then the only thing to do is to think up topics that are about books and yet somehow keep this space from turning into yet another review blog. (I love review blogs, I just don’t want the hassle of maintaining one). So – watch me break my back on that one.

                                                                                                                               Paroma 🙂



  1. OMG, YOU TOO.

    About lots of things ^ but at the moment, particularly about you being Bengali too? XD Also – I found you! Find me! (And then possibly delete this slightly spazzy comment which is only to get your attention.)

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