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             n. (origin: bengali) – fables, tales, anecdotes, fiction, allegory, saga, fantasy…


Welcome to a brand new About page. What was wrong with the old one was that I had made the pompous claim that I was going to keep this blog from becoming just a review blog – and not even a dedicated review blog at that – and failed. This is definitely a review blog.

So. New game plan. I’m changing the format of my blog posts. From now I’m going to review books I’ve carefully chosen for this blog (and not any random book I happened to read that week) and present it to the web in – what is hopefully – a less than common way.

You’ll find out what I mean on Monday, 1st October 2012.

Another thing about the previous About page that needed updating was the ‘about’. Here’s a little about me –

  • I’m going to be 24 before we hit the last month of this year.
  • I’m a girl/woman who spends an inordinate amount of time on tumblr, goodreads, youtube and deviantart every day and then wonders where the hours went.
  • I write stories that I never show anyone (almost) and I read to entertain and not educate myself. (Note to self: Not something to boast about.)
  • I recently found that I do have a hobby (no, reading doesn’t count, the same way breathing doesn’t count as a hobby) and that is sketching! I am now progressing to stick figures. =D

And that’s  something to get you started.

Hope you enjoy the new GOLPO. An official review blog from the first Monday of October 2012!

UPDATE ~~ 10 Oct 2012.

Not a review blog in the usual sense of that phrase. More like a place I can feel free to discuss books I read in some depth and so there’ll be plenty of spoilers. And not very objective overviews. Heh.

So, it’s a SPOILER-filled-RANTING-blog.

There. That’s more accurate.


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