Review: Burn For Me by Ilona Andrews

20705702Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Darned satisfying read. I wish the publishers didn’t push it as a paranormal romance. Burn for Me is an urban fantasy, hero’s journey through and through. Nevada Baylor is a small time private investigator forced to take on a case far above her pay grade. But the alternative is losing her business and her family’s home. So, with wit and a talent for detecting lies she treads into the murky waters of House politics. But bigger than the distant worry of how to bring in a crazy powerful pyrokinetic murderer is the immediate danger of Mad Rogan, a Prime with off-the-charts telekinetic powers who’s chasing her quarry for reasons of his own.
Nevada is a deliciously competent hero. As a detective and business owner with a mortgage to pay off, she’s cautious by nature. However, as soon as she faces a threat, years of training under her ex-army mother and her own natural aptitude for combat kicks in. She’s not in the leagues of Mad Rogan with her guns (who can bring down a city), but she’s credible companion to have at your back when shit hits the roof. Of course, Nevada’s biggest talents lie in investigation and true to the Ilona Andrews style, our protagonist solves the mystery through grunt work and questioning suspects. This never makes the plot lag, as every interaction with new characters tells us more about this alternate world where magic is real and most people have it.
The chemistry between Nevada and Mad Rogan is pretty intense, but they are ultimately Kate and Curran (from the Kate Daniels series) re-done. I’ve found that this is the archetype Ilona Andrew excels at. Their powers are different and their world views are slightly awry, but essentially I’m getting to relive Kate and Curran’s romance all over again, and that’s seriously not a problem. This world though is completely original. Ilona Andrews had used a similar set up in her Kinsmen duology and a few other short stories, but the Hidden Legacy series is clearly a far more detailed work. Re-readability: High. I’ve read it twice and listened to it once already. (The audiobook is really worth its price!)

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