Review: Dearest Rogue by Elizabeth Hoyt

Dearest Rogue by Elizabeth Hoyt
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Note to self: You liked Phoebe and James for the first half of the book where their relation transitioned from blind sister to Duke and the bodyguard who restricts her movements to friends who have feelings for each other. You really liked that Phoebe was happy to go exploring the physical side of her feelings, even though James was having Noble Idiot conniptions. He could only resist her for so long. BUT, once the story moved from London to Cornwall, the story slowed considerably and all of the tension seemed to leave the narrative. Their only true obstacle to being together was James’ belief that he wasn’t good enough (class and money wise) for her, but once he admitted his feelings that was no longer a palpable threat to their HEA. What was James going to do? Not marry Phoebe after spending so much time with her (in an effort to save her from a mysterious kidnapper)? She was essentially compromised and we already knew that James was too noble to leave her in a lurch. Also, he loved her. So, that really wasn’t a problem. Phoebe’s ducal bro wasn’t a heavyweight obstacle either since we knew him from a previous book. Was he going to change from a hero in the previous book to a nasty, classist aristocrat in this? Of course not! However, Phoebe’s restricted life in the initial half of the book was really well done, as was her simmering resentment towards her loving family who were determined to treat her like a child because she was blind. Phoebe’s outburst at her brother during a meal was particularly splendid and worth a reread for just that scene. But otherwise, don’t read this book again. /End note.

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