Reviewing the Adrien English series book#1

Fatal Shadows (Adrien English Mystery, #1)Fatal Shadows by Josh Lanyon

Book rating: 3 of 5 stars

Series rating: 4 of 5 stars

First, I know the covers are awful but this is a good amateur sleuth series, made even more interesting by the fact that the hero, Adrien, writes mysteries himself and often bemoans that clues don’t just fall into his lap in every other chapter the way they do with his favourite fictional detective from the 1920s.

I think it’s worth saying here that this is a series of five books and in my opinion the mysteries start getting really interesting from book 3.
Before that, I read this one and A Dangerous Thing because I liked Adrien a lot and wanted to see how Jake’s obvious disgust with his own orientation was going to play out through the series and if their relationship would work.

This first book was a great introduction to Adrien English, book store owner and mystery writer. If you stick with the series you see the change in him as he gets more used to tumbling into the middle of murder investigations. By the fourth book his almost blasé attitude during an interview with a cop, makes for a hilarious conversation. The poor cop.

Adrien is a pretty normal guy. He doesn’t have a genius for sleuthing but as Jake puts it at a later date, he has intuition, curiosity and perseverance.

I like how confused he gets and how he can’t see the solution to a mystery but he keeps digging. And I love how I can’t often figure out the clues before he can, and just when I think AHA! he thinks pretty much the same to himself and then tells us that it’s only a theory and he needs proof.

It’s a good series but obviously if you are put off by the fact that Adrien is gay then well, it’s your loss.

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