looking through old blog posts

Dear Old-Me,

Recently looking through my archive of old blog posts I’ve come to the realization that you couldn’t phrase a persuasive argument for shit. Your opinions are in-your-face, emotional and incoherent. Your book reviews are a pain to read. Why were you allowed to start a blog? About BOOKS. Why?

                                                                  Hate, Now-Me

No, seriously. I went through tons of old articles and posts I’d written, not just in wordpress but in my old blogspot site (who uses blogspot any more btw?) and my old diaries full of ideas for stories, dialogues and entries where I discussed the deep pathos of my short life.

It’s not that I’ve changed as a person so much but that now when I read review posts and articles that have been up for public consumption for a couple of years I wonder at my insensitivity to other people’s perspectives, the brash way I’ve phrased an opinion as if there was no way I could be wrong. From my teen years I’ve thought I was broad minded, non-judgemental and willing to listen to the other side. But my writings don’t show that.

I’m telling myself that they sound like that NOW because I’ve evolved into an even more sensitive and understanding person but the truth may very well be that I was kind of a jerk in the past. At least some times.


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