For the love of good traditional regencies!

Here’s a blog post that’ll help you find good traditional georgian/regency era romances to suit your tastes and your particular trope preferences.
You’re welcome. =)

The Regency Redingote

Probably. Almost.

A couple of years ago, I posted a review here on a wonderful web site called Good Ton, which was without doubt the best resource online for those interested in traditional Regencies. Though most publishers dropped their traditional Regency lines several years ago, there are still many of us who enjoy reading them. And with Good Ton, we could find lists of authors and book titles which enabled us to acquire used copies of novels we had not yet read.

Sadly, Good Ton winked out this past summer. Initially, it seemed that perhaps the site owner had simply overlooked the renewal of the domain registration. But after more than six months offline, it does appear that Good Ton is gone for good. Almost.

How to find the remnants of the Good Ton site, and a list of other sites which may be of interest …

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