NaNoWriMo ended without me

10586 words.

Obviously I do not deserve the appellation “wrimo”.  I was attempting to write a story that I usually wouldn’t be inclined to. A genre molded urban fantasy novel. Very much a by-the-tropes creation.

I had a vampire hero, a newly turned vampire/still somewhat human heroine, werewolves and faeries in important supporting roles and a slightly messy, to-be-further-amended plot in my head. It was to be an exercise in learning the rules, so I could subvert them convincingly. I love the tropes, but occasionally a little friendly mocking does the heart good.

Unfortunately it didn’t pan out as I’d hoped. Or it did…but only till page twenty. And then I got stuck in a revisionist loop.

You know the one, where you detect a deficiency in the plot or something better occurs to you and you change the relevant sentence or paragraph and suddenly you realize that this requires more amendments throughout the story told so far because this new device gives rise to plot inconsistency.

Anyway, it’s a bad phase. I saved all the previous drafts and ended up with more Word Docs than pages in my story. I just couldn’t let go and move on with the story. New ideas, new ways to write the first five chapters kept bombarding me and I somehow lost my grip on the original story. In the end I gave up and went off on a winter beach trip.*

But as sad as it was, I’m an inherently optimistic person and I’m still telling myself that I’ll come back to it and finish it at some point – maybe when the rest of the story takes shape in my mind.

So fellow wrimo ‘dropouts’, don’t feel too bad about that unfinished draft. You did spend some time on it and gave it considerable thought and grayed a few hair agonizing over it. All that was definitely worth the effort of registering and it was good while it lasted. If the urge strikes you to take up the pen or your keyboard before next November, you’ll do it and this time the same story will come out smoother, easier and all the better for the practice you subjected it to in the last month.

Good luck!

*Well, I really went on that trip in december, but I was trying to express my relief in giving up the project for the time being with an actual escape as a metaphor. 


    1. You get it! That makes me so happy. I tell my sister that I couldn’t finish yet another story because I couldn’t get beyond this certain point where the story keeps wanting to change itself and she thinks I’m making it all up!!
      I will keep writing. Thanks for the encouragement!

    1. I totally impressed myself too! I had expected to give up after the first five days but I kept writing everyday for almost three weeks. For that matter I’m still writing (though not everyday). See? Totally impressive. =D

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