nanowrimo, first time

NaNoWriMo is pretty consuming. I thought it was a month of getting a lot of people to write stories and sharing them with like minded individuals and getting support and giving support. Turns out it’s a month of updating your number of words logged per day and anxiously checking your word count and resisting the urge to go back and change everything about the story because the rule to winning this thing – never go back, keep those word counts rising!

Anyway, I’m four days in and have just 2106 words to show for it. I had to go back and edit some things because I just couldn’t go on without fixing a major plot change. However that’s the limit. I’m not rewriting the chapter even though – having it on the screen now – I can see a much better way of laying out my characters’ backgrounds. I’ll just pretend that I have done it.

This post is a hello to all other nanowrimo strugglers who’ve joined up for the first time not knowing what a competitive (addictive) thing it is and a good luck to all, I hope you guys reach your personal word count goals if not the WriMo’s.

This is me. Come, say hello and tell me about your nanowrimo woes and wins.


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