Last week of September and a few changes to my Blog

I’m making it official.

This is a REVIEW BLOG!

Big surprise, I know. It’s just that this is not what the blog started out to be and it’s useless pretending that it isn’t what it seems to be ending up as. A REVIEW BLOG.

Okay, I’ll stop with the all caps now. I have a new about page, declaring myself defeated and graciously accepting this new job title with renewed vigour. I’ll be a Grrrrrreat review blogger.

I’ll be more discerning about the reviews I post here and in the spirit of truly accepting my responsibilities and owning it I’m going to do it in my very own way. So. Changes.

You’ll find out what they are on next Monday (1st October 2012).

Note to Self: why do you insist on addressing invisible audiences? You don’t HAVE an invisible audience. Stop pretending you’re blinded by the stage light!


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