Supernaturally (Paranormalcy #2) – review

Supernaturally (Paranormalcy, #2)Supernaturally by Kiersten White

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I liked the first one but should probably have given it something like 3.7 stars instead of full 4. This one though…this one deserves 4 stars.

I said in the first book’s review there was no insta love. Evie was falling quickly for Lend in book 1, but it was still teenage crush developing into more. In this one, Evie has everything she’d always wanted. A normal life, school, a locker, surrounded everyday by normal teenagers and best of all a boy friend who loves her and who shows his true self (literally) only to her.

But Evie isn’t completely happy. She feels like there has to be more to her life than school, working at a diner and waiting for the weekends for Lend to come home from College. So when she gets the chance to work for IPCA again, she takes it. Slowly and insidiously her old life makes her question the strength and importance of every new relationship she has formed over the last six months outside the Centre.

I really admired how well White did this. Of course we know that Evie is risking a helluva lot (and everything that is good in her life) for what basically amounts to a desire for excitement and attention. She was special once and she wants to be again.

It’s the kind of mistake you have to make to understand that it was a mistake. No matter that people you love/respect might point out every wrong at every turn, you can only ever truly learn by going down that path.

Evie’s 17. She makes a 17 year old’s decisions. But what redeems her is that in the end she is aware of exactly where and how she went wrong.

At no point in this story did I scream at Evie that she was making the wrong choices or making stupid assumptions. I knew she was, and she knew she was, she just suppressed that voice in her head for a while.

Like we all do at some point.

One final word of praise here – Lend and Evie’s relationship was sweet and steady. Of course Evie makes mistakes and Lend reacts to them, but I liked how strong their attachment to each other is.

So this was an excellent sequel. On to the last one then.

(But after a short break, because man oh man, I feel burnt out from all the YA books I’ve been reading).

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