I just discovered The Legend of Korra!!

At the end of Avatar: The Last Airbender I was heart broken! No more Aang! No more Katara, Sokka or Zuko! No more Bending!! I was distraught. Which is why discovering that Nickelodeon began airing a sequel to Avatar last April was such a happy find!

Meet Korra – the new Avatar!

She has mastered all the elements but Airbending which is the hardest for her because it is the element most contrary to her nature. She is abrasive, confrontational and blunt where airbenders are traditionally light on feet and slip through the worst tangles easily. (She is in essence, Aang’s opposite.)

And then below you have Korra and Mako, a friend she likes very much.  I loved their first kiss! Look how surprised Mako is.

In this scene, Mako finally (and reluctantly) admits that he likes Korra but he’s confused about his feeling. He tries to explain that he likes Asami too, but Korra cuts him off by planting this kiss. =D

So check out the new Avatar series; they just finished the first season!


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