Riding into battle – a visual

From one of my favourite illustration artists, Simini Blocker, here is a colourful portrait of the Rani of Jhansi (a well known Indian warrior queen who led the revolution against the British during the Sepoy Mutiny of 1957) as she rides into battle.

siminiblocker:For my first entry: Lakshmibai, an Indian queen who helped lead a rebellion against the British in  1857. It is said she would ride into battle with a sword in each hand, a visual I could not resist.<br />

I think Simini is amazing. Her drawings are full of colour and spirit and they always have this indescribable quality of softness – even when she sketches swords cutting through the air. =)

Anyway, in any story – whether you are reading it or creating it – a clear visual of your protagonist is essential. That’s why many authors love deviantart and google images. In my case, I often find my inspiration in blogs like Simini’s.

For more such illustrations, follow her tumblr  account which she intends to devote to cool women of history who did cool things.


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