Sherlock. Am I the only one who burns up for him?

Virtuoso by alicexz. Do visit her gallery for more breathtaking images like this one. For anyone who is interested this is the link to her livestream video in which she creates her rendition of Sherlock.

Her inspiration was the screencap below. Gods above, isn’t he just…perfect?



  1. I have a thing for quirky characters and I have loved Sherlock Holmes as a character since I first met him in the pages of a book. I am thrilled to see him on the screen, reinvented, but still very much the same. 🙂

    1. Not everyone is thrilled with the new Sherlock. I know my dad isn’t. And if I’m being honest then I suppose I have to admit that ‘Sherlock’ doesn’t have the creative ingenuity of the original Sherlock Holmes series, that sometimes the plots are predictable, that there are too many coincidences for a detective series and that the dialogues are full of constant rhetoric which gets tiresome. I did like the drama in the first season, but the second season let me down. 😦
      But the reason I’ll still watch the third (whenever in the distant future it comes out) is the Sherlock team’s outstanding casting skills. My God, I love Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock. After Jeremy Brett’s impeccable portrayal of the moody, eccentric, arrogant yet just Sherlock Holmes, no one could have lived up to his genius better.
      It’s THIS Sherlock’s presence, his athletic gait, his quick temper and love for high drama that’ll make me come back and watch the next episodes.

      1. I have only seen the first season and loved it, for all the reasons you mentioned. 🙂 I am curious how the second season plays out. That is what I get for not having BBC America on my TV. I have to wait until the DVDs come out. 😦

        I wasn’t a huge Benedict fan before, but he has definitely grown on me as an actor, especially in this role. 🙂

  2. I’m in Canada. Can’t get enough of this. I wish they would keep doing episodes on top of episodes. The characters are brilliant (both), and the cinematography is as well. I can only hope. 🙂

  3. Benedict Cumberbatch…*Swoon*

    was a late entrant to the sherlock club, saw two seasons in two days, lost sleep over the how he csurvived the fall, and now am waiting…waiting…waiting for s03…


    1. and shall keep on waiting till the end of time…well, the end of this year anyway. comes out early 2013, right? totally swoon-worthy.
      also i like how sherlock and watson are in their thirties. when i first read the books i never imagined they were older than that – and Doyle certainly hadn’t specified mid forties as his protagonists’ age, so why did all the film and TV series cast them so old?
      But I did LOVE Jeremy Brett, so I wont complain. Just so damned glad Cumberbatch was cast here…and that I’ll be seeing him AND Freeman in Hobbit! Woohoo!

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