Before the Season Ends (A review) OR how the author’s determination to preach Christian superiority killed a good book for me

Before the Season Ends

Before the Season Ends by Linore Rose Burkard

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I can’t write an objective review for this book. I’m sure that the book deserves all the praise and high ratings it’s got if it was meant to be strictly read by the ‘Inspirational Christian Novels’ community.

Its era details are well researched and well described, especially the clothes. But then the author gets down to the business of making the book ‘inspirational’ and what had promised to be a good read – not Jane Austen, but a maybe some shadow of Georgette Heyer – turned into an annoying treatise on the ‘favoured children of God’ and the ‘Will of God’ and how the heroine must spread the ‘Kingdom of God’.

I don’t think there is anything inspirational about the smug superiority displayed by authors of this sub-genre. I say this with the realization that it is the upbringing that instills this smugness in these authors and that – as seems in this particular case (gleaned from the author’s biography) – the person’s nature itself maybe a humble and earnest one.

I don’t mind a heroine who prays constantly throughout a book so long as the author doesn’t use her to preach to the readers or somehow convey that without the constant praying none of her problems would have been solved. There are classics that have portrayed characters with strong beliefs and faith in a way in which I can understand their minds better. I might not agree but at least the beliefs were never thrust at me. Anne of Green Gables or Little Women come to mind.

Anyway, I think the author’s obvious skill (still in its early developmental stage) is wasted here. If the preaching was not so important to her I might actually have enjoyed the book. I did like the beginning but by 39% I was itching to slap Ariana silly.

Did the author even consider that she might have non-christian or agnostic (or even less enthusiastic Christian) readers who might not appreciate her patronizing narrative?


I just think she cruelly killed what could have been a good read for me. It’s so rare to find an author who can grasp how to write a piece that actually echoes the classic romantic writers of that time.

:End of rant: 🙂

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