What is Gordon Andrews’ real name?

Hey. I pilfered the following comment from Ilona Andrews’ blog to share with the others of my ilk who are just as bewildered as me about the whole Andrew Gordon/Gordon Andrews thing. The one is the author’s real name and the other is his pen name – so how did he end up choosing ‘Gordon’ for the name we call him by?

Gordon: I know it can be confusing, but here is the deal: My legal or if you prefer, government name, is Andrew Beauregard Gordon. Andrews is my grandmother Helen’s maiden name and my middle name comes from the confederate general PGT Beauregard who fired on Fort Sumter and basically started our Civil War. Ilona calls me Gordon and that is how I think of myself, in the military we always used our last names.

So, I guess that answers that. I really hope these guys don’t sue me for stealing their comments (can they do that?) – or blog-stalking them (which they probably can).

For those who have no idea who this post is about —

author2sm “Ilona Andrews” is actually two people, my husband, Gordon, and I. We write urban fantasy, an odd hybrid of a genre that includes elements of mystery, fantasy, and horror. Our stories are set in a modern setting that has a touch of paranormal to it.

You can visit their website here –> (link) 🙂


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