A few surprising things you didn’t know about your kindle keyboard (gen 3)

This is a departure from my usual theme, but I have to express my immense love for my kindle somehow – and an introduction to a free ebook that I found in Amazon which tells you about several neat little secrets the official guides don’t reveal seems the best way to do it.

This way we can all sigh adoringly over our kindle together. 🙂

The ebook in question is ‘ Kindle Superuser – 101 Ways To Get More From Your Kindle 3

A hundred and one might be overreaching a little, but this short guide does have a few very neat tricks to show you. I agree with the author when he wonders if Amazon thought the users would be so enamored of reading on the kindle that they wouldn’t care what else it could do. (It’s almost like a conspiracy! shh!)

Well, there’s not a whole lot it can do but I did learn a few uses that endeared it to me even more (mostly because I didn’t expect them at all!)

I have listed a few favourites below —

Avoid paying charges to Amazon for document conversion by using your ‘free’ kindle address

This is how you do it…..

(click the images for enlargenment :))

Play a few simple games on your device

I read about these and assumed they were for Kindle Fire – but hey, you don’t need an uber fancy device to play tic-tac-toe! 😉

(I can’t believe how excited I am over minesweeper. I don’t even like that game! ) Problem is downloading other free games (or even paid ones) from Amazon – they aren’t available for many countries.

View your pictures and create an album

You could send your pics to Amazon for conversion but you can’t make an album – but using this method (second of the three offered) you can!

(again, click to embiggen!) Neat, huh?

You probably still want to know more about how to get to the games, but I can’t give away anymore without seriously encroaching on the guy’s copyright – after all, I’m copying his pages right off my kindle.

And that brings me to my final favourite —

Screen Capture!!

Okay, I’m pretty sure I crossed a line there – but come on! isn’t this one awesome? Look what wonderful use I made of this application in this very post! See? Aren’t you glad? 😀

Now, there are at least a half dozen more of these nuggets in the book and I don’t know how much longer it’s going to remain free. So grab it and be gleeful like me!

Lord, I’m such a geek.



  1. I have akindle keyboard.From two years ago. i love it!I learned the net ,facebook and comp. in general. I really enjoyed yer article.Keep em coming!

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