The second question I asked Ilona Andrews

My second question is – how do you two work together?
I’ve wanted to ask this for a long time, and maybe you’ve already answered this somewhere. You can just give me the link, if you have. I always considered my ideas very private, something to stew over in secret. I understand discussing ideas for projects and doing stuff in a team, but if two people sit down to write with the same story-line (discussed and decided on mutually) in their heads, wont their writings still be widely different? How do you manage that?

In answer :

I believe Ilona answered the first part of your question on the blog.  As far as the second goes, it is more complicated.  We usually plot together and Ilona does the first pass, which I then edit.  She is more for writing Kate while I tend to decide what the male characters say, and how they say it.  Our computers are literally three feet apart and we are always together.
Hope that helps,



It does help. Aren’t they wonderful? 😀

I think it must also help to have someone else equally involved in the story you are writing. You have that person to bounce ideas against and don’t have to keep explaining different plot points because he or she was intimate part of creating them. It must be great to have another writer beside you, just as invested as you in the story. You would keep each other focused and on track. You would be constantly editing each other because every draft will go through two pairs of eyes.

I don’t know, maybe it’s very hard and maybe it’s pretty simple. It probably depends on how well you get along together and any follower of Ilona Andrew’s blog will know that these writers get along like a dry grassland on fire.

Personally I like the cocoon I am in when I write my story. I don’t want second opinions till much, much later. But then that maybe because I don’t know any kindred spirits. And to actually write with a partner I’ll have to more than just allow the person to read every page I write as I write it, I would have to share that page in one way or another with their writing. That’s a startlingly intimate process, I think and I don’t know if all of us can do it. Kinda like sex under floodlights. 😉


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