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This is my Continent and the kingdoms you see are where my favourite characters run rampant. I had first thought of Nimirtha when I created Rusha, Falcon and Parthen.  It was in the great forest of Pirr that Rusha challenged Falcon and lost.

As you can see, all the nations on this continent have access to the vast oceans and seas of Yohara, Kiriam, etc. But Nimirtha’s closest neighbour Ermere is the only country which excels in ship building. This verdant and prosperous land is a Queendom ruled by the family of Eravars. To the east of Nimirtha is the scorching desert of Thanrav by which reside the people of Sarath. This nation is ruled by the Priests of Limhn who are revered by all, even by the kings who live across the seas. Gilviarth was once part of Ermere but its people revolted against an old Eravar queen and were allowed to secede from that nation. Now it lives under Ermere‘s benevolent protection for its own rulers have proved to be ineffective and corrupt, and the country fears its greater neighbour to the west too much to stand alone. Karvik Vun is a looming threat for all other countries on the continent. The great Marhib ranges is the only thing that protects both Nimirtha and Ermere, for the emperor of the Vun dynasty cannot attack by sea. Ermere’s formidable naval army is its deterrent. Thus the Vun try to capture Gilviarth and Sarath. The former is protected by warriors of both Nimirtha and Ermere and the latter can defend itself very well. No one seems to know how, but Vun has never succeeded in landing on Sarath’s shores.

Note: This is my own humble creation and I would be obliged if you didn’t steal it.


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