Fairy Face

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There was once a man

Once a man who wished

He wished that he were Fey.

The Fey he saw in magic light

In light of one fading day.


Daylight gone, the fairies danced

They danced and sang in joy

In joy, their faces unworried and young

Young as a fresh-faced boy.


A boy he was and now a man

This man someday be old

Old, the Fey never grew

Neither grew nor aged, he was told.


Told he was, in Fairy Tales

Tales of laughter and grace

This grace he saw in youthful limbs, and eternal beauty on Fairy Face.


Nearer he went

Went closer to stare

He stared while the darkness slowly fled

Fled like the fairies, now one by one leaving

Leaving this magic land bare.


Bared before his eyes

This one Fairy place

This place he had searched for all his life.

That life’s anguish he felt now

Now he cried out to them

And they cried out, as they heard him cry.


Fairy faces angered

Angered they now screamed

The screams piercing high and higher still they grew

Grew till he could hear them no longer

In long silence now, their ancient faces did he view.


Youth that never was human born

Born to never change nor grow

Growth was not the Fairy way

In that way, the Fey never go.


Never they age, but their rage was old

Old in mind, though not form

Their forms now withered, seemed to this man

As the man watched their features gather storm.


Perfect they were, in the smooth skin of a child

A childlike frame for their time-worn mind

Worn they were, by age-less life

This life they would in true joy gladly leave behind.


And then, just as the Fairies came

Came in fury at the man

The man saw daylight spread in rays

And in those rays the Fey took flight.


Never did he see again, the ancient youths in magic light

That light he never wished to seek

Never to seek that Fairy Sight.


I accept and appreciate this recognition from Thursday Poets Rally and congratulate all the other winners of this honour!

In my turn I nominate the very talented bee for the poem ‘in time‘.



  1. I have always been fascinated with fairies and I was stunned how you wove in
    angst in a fairy tale……….it made me sad but i really liked the poem.

    1. thank you. I don’t know how i ended up writing it- I certainly had no clear idea of what I wanted to say when I began.

    1. yeah. also as the old adage says, ‘all that glitters…’
      I’m not sure when the idea of immortality started to bother me so much. If you read urban fantasy fiction, you come across the concept very frequently.
      But what’s so great about never-ending life? Your friends and family die, your world changes beyond recognition, you are constant when all else is moving around you with purpose and a wonderful urgency that is life!

  2. That’s a beautiful poem, I love it, there was a sense of light even though it was a bit sad but it held truth. Immortality isn’t everything. great job.

  3. What a beautiful way of writing about the youth and old age. Love the fairy land imagery. The anger part came through with all its intensity. I remember trying a similar form in one of my poems (which I will share in the next rally I think), using last word to start the next line sorts – it is tough to sustain it. Happy Rally!

  4. Wow! Sad, gripping, still a sense of hope. In addition, I love the flow of this. It’s almost like Serpentine verse in the way it moves. “Who wants to live forever?” Indeed, a truly captivating write.

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